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We are a law firm which combines the expertise gained through many years of practice with dynamism and experience shaped in the free market environment. Our offer is addressed to the business sector. We raise the level of procedure certainty. We have more time and exceed expectations.

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Dispute on behalf of a contractor against the general contractor for removal, under a guarantee, of construction flaws

In the form of substandard aesthetics in a hospital building and for the payment of contractual penalty, in the context of withdrawal from the construction agreement.

Vernissage of Bogumił Krużel in the Regional Museum of the Local Government Cultural Centre in Mielec.

Once again, the Law Firm is contributing to the promotion of art.


Legal solutions provided to our Clients in cases covering areas of our specialism are based on our past and present experience. In view of our day-to-day business activities, we are continuously exploring the subjects of our specialism and updating our knowledge in parallel with amendments to the law and the needs of our Clients.


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Real property and Construction Industry

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Relations with Super- and Hypermarkets

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Advertising and Marketing

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Petrochemical and power industry

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"...They will help you wade through the proceedings and provide a sense of calm in difficult moments. We wish to express in this way the words of enormous recognition and sincere thanks for the professionalism of the service."

Adam Sanecki – Partner in Adamet A.Sanecki i Wspólnicy Sp. J.

"...During the hearings I observed professionalism, commitment and perfect professional technique. It is good to work with good lawyers, but even better to work with the best, this is how I find the Wójcik i Złotnik Law Firm."

Mirosław Burzyński – Owner of “MGB” Manufacturing and Trading Company

“Best Law Firm I know. Professional in every way.”

Andrzej Krzywicki – Owner of Krzywicki Szkółkarstwo

“...Our experience with Wójcik i Złotnik S.C. Law Firm was exemplary. Above all, however, its actions and services were highly efficient and of top-notch quality.”

Julian Łaba – Management Board Member in Abisal Sp. z o.o.

“...Vast experience, excellent expertise and ability to correctly assess business situations are further arguments in favour of cooperation with this Law Firm. We fully recommend this Law Firm leading in the Polish market as a valuable partner.”

Grzegorz Stachowiak – Management Board President in Hanmar Sp. z o.o.

“...The lawyers in Wójcik i Złotnik Law Firm are highly intelligent people who eloquently use the right arguments when building an advantage in litigation. Without any doubt, we would indicate them as those who stand out against other competitors in the country.”

Edward Marciniak – Owner of “Chemia-Bomar” Manufacturing and Trading Company

“...During the period of cooperation the Wójcik i Złotnik S.C. Law Firm approached the realization of our order with high operability and meticulousness. It has shown conciseness and competence, fulfilling our expectations.”

Stanisław Zieliński – Partner in Faro S.Zieliński, K.Putanowicz Sp. J.

“...We had the opportunity and pleasure to repeatedly use their professional legal services. The most important in this cooperation are its good outcomes.”

Władysław Fedejko – Management Board President in “Eko-Koral” Sp. z o.o.

“...Today, we would like to sincerely recommend the Wójcik i Złotnik S. C. Law Firm as one of the best in Poland that we have had the chance to meet.”

Danuta Pawłowska – Owner of Wytwarzanie Artykułów z Tworzyw Sztucznych i Zabawkarstwo

“...Professional approach to ordered tasks resulted in a favourable outcome of the entrusted cases.”

Jerzy Duda – Management Board President of Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth Polska Sp. z o.o.

“...With the assistance of the Law Firm, our company has solved a number of problems that were not taken on by other law firms. We assess the legal support provided as very high and meeting top standards.”

Bartosz Hamera – Partner in PM SPORT P. Lewandowski I M. Wojtiuk Sp. J.

“...We would like to sincerely recommend the services of the Wójcik i Złotnik S.C. Law Firm as one of the few legal entities which are characterized by exceptional professionalism, insight and, importantly, effectiveness of the claims asserted.”

Stanisław Starosz – Management Board President of Bauservice Sp. z o.o.

“...The legal ideas, theses and properly matched evidence translated into tangible benefits for our company. Without a doubt we would like to recommend the services of the Law Firm to other entrepreneurs, and in case of any possible arising doubts, to dispel their concerns.”

Robert Jastrzębski – Owner of Negra Sport

“When working with K&M Grupa, the Wójcik i Złotnik Law Firm have proven themselves to be highly professional, taking on difficult cases and building mutual trust. We were positively surprised with their unconventional service.”

Marek Plaskowski – Management Board President in K&M Grupa Sp. z o.o.

“...The Wójcik i Złotnik S.C. Law Firm from Krakow for a dozen years or so has been working with our company as regards providing comprehensive legal services. During the period of cooperation with our company the Law Firm has established itself as a team of professionals with a reliable approach to tasks.”

Marek Klichowski – Management Board President in “Italmarco” Sp. z o.o.

“...We fully recommend this Law Firm as the most suitable for handling big, ambitious lawsuits.”

Daniel Grzesiak – Vice-President of the Management Board of Zakłady Mięsne Werbliński Sp. z o.o.

“...The legal aid services are characterized by highest diligence, timeliness, practical knowledge and experience. The assertiveness of the legal counsels translates into efficiency and effectiveness of the court proceedings conducted.”

Marek Łaskowski – Managing Director of Laboratorium Kosmetyczne “Joanna” Sp. J

“The Wójcik i Złotnik S.C. Law Firm from Krakow cooperated and continues to cooperate with the VEGATechnik Sp. z o.o company in the field of construction projects, including development and commercial ones. The team managed by Mr Paweł Wójcik, proves its comprehensive knowledge and vast experience.”

Grzegorz Kogut – Management Board President in Vegatechnik Sp. z o.o.

“...Both legal counsels and legal trainees are characterized by outstanding legal knowledge and are very brave in the courtroom. I can assure you that every single Polish zloty spent for cooperation with this Law Firm will be a great investment.”

Paweł Kobyliński – Management Board President in HH Poland S.A.

“...We confirm that the Law Firm provides the services in a professional and comprehensive manner. Tasks are performed on time, with due diligence and the legal opinions drafted include a broad perspective on the issues discussed.”

Jacek Jędrzejowski – Management Board President in Fortress S.A.

“...Tasks are performed dynamically, professionally and accurately. Each Law Firm’s involvement in any case translated into a positive outcome for the company.”

Bogdan Wiciński – Management Board President in MANTA S.A.

“...Particularly noteworthy is the attention to lawsuit detail, very good substantive preparation and a well developed lawsuit strategy.”

Dorota Chmielewska – Management Board Member in Formaster S.A.

“...The knowledge, experience and high competence of the legal counsels give us a sense of security, a sense of stability of our company and its good legal protection.”

Katarzyna Kłodaś – Management Board President in Sunny Wines Sp. z o.o.

“...Our cooperation is characterized by reliable commitment to the entrusted matters, while maintaining top professional diligence and timeliness.”

Waldemar Żurowski – Management Board President in Altom Sp. z o.o. Sp.K.

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