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Class action against banks

Borrowers with loans in Swiss francs are increasing more frequently looking for a solution to this problem. Contrary to the information propagated by many banking institutions, the responsibility for the increased costs of the loan should be borne not only by the borrowers but also by the lenders.

Still, litigation against those corporations is not the easiest. For this reason, it is worth using our services to effectively exercise your rights. Preparation of a class action against banks might be of help for the borrowers. Over the recent years, the loans in Swiss francs were often granted in violation of the binding law. Many institutions, wishing to encourage clients to use their services, did not inform about the inconvenient facts regarding the risk of granting a loan in a foreign currency.

In compliance to the law then in force, loans in Swiss francs should be granted solely to the persons who signed a declaration informing them about the interest rate risk. Many banks failed to fulfil their duties properly, and in such case clients have the right to relevant claims. Class action against banks also highlights irregularities in determining the amount of instalments due. Many banks applied unfair practices in that respect that involved an increase in costs incurred by the client.

For this reason, our Law Firm thoroughly examines each case. In this way we try to determine what negligence or practices inconsistent with current standards did a given institution commit or apply. This information can be effectively used in preparation of the class action against banks. Owing to may years of experience and expertise in the field of the loan in Swiss francs, and the understanding of operating methods of specific financial institutions, we are able to quickly analyse the situation and assess the prospects for reducing costs borne by a bank client.

Although many people may think that the fight against banking corporations is pointless and leads to failure, many borrowers were able to obtain better conditions and enforce their rights. The cooperation of many borrowers and taking joint action may contribute to a favourable court decision.

With a large collective project it is possible to spread the cost of the proceedings among many people, which enables top quality legal action.

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