Class action of borrowers regarding loans in Swiss francs / Law Firm
Class action of borrowers regarding loans in Swiss francs

Class action of borrowers regarding loans in Swiss francs

We encourage you to take advantage of many years of our court experience in high-value litigations against big corporations, in particular against Banks in cases regarding annulment of CHF loans denomination to enable the borrowers to repay the loan in fair amount and on favourable terms in Polish zloty.

Our offer includes:

  • comprehensive analysis of the credit agreement and facts related to its conclusion and execution,
  • litigation profitability taking into account the following factors: (1) amount of the instalments paid to-date in PLN vs. loan value in PLN as at the loan granting date and (2) loan value in PLN as at the loan granting date vs. current loan value in PLN, after the conversion from CHF,
  • analysis of chances of achieving a goal in the form of effective challenging of loan currency denomination from PLN to CHF and each instalment from CHF to PLN as well as the possibility of loan repayment at its nominal value in PLN as at the loan granting date,
  • reliable determination of the litigation value and of costs that need to be incurred,
  • development of the line of “attack” in dispute (a number of coherent and logical arguments, identification of strenghts and weaknesses in the dispute),
  • assessment of chances for a positive outcome of the dispute with the Bank,
  • epresentation in the lawsuit in all instances of a dispute with the Bank,
  •  advisory services when the real estate is refinanced with a loan in PLN, upon challenging the CHF-denomination,
  • fee in the minimum amount of costs of the representation in the lawsuit, depending on the financial standing and individual situation of a borrower and a sucess fee in the form of a percentage of the value of the effectively challenged part of the loan.

As well as:

  • representation in the lawsuit regarding bank enforcement title (BET), in particular in the case of attempts to use it in the dispute where the CHF denomination is challenged,
  • legal advisory services in the cases concerning deletion of mortgages securing loans, once the CHF denomination has been challenged,
  • consumer bankruptcy, in the most difficult cases aiming at dividing the debt towards the Bank into instalments or at debt cancellation.

Soon we will invite you to the “CHF exchange rates” application, where we will provide you with a breakdown of archive FX rates at selected banks.

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