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High Value Disputes

High Value Disputes

We have extensive experience based on many years of court practice in cases with high amounts in dispute, especially against large corporations as well as foreign or international companies operating in Poland (such as banks, chain retailers, leasing companies, electronic media, and large construction companies).

  • Comprehensive analysis of facts (thorough discussions with all involved in the dispute, detailed analysis of all documents).
  • Consultation with or direct involvement of an expert in the industry, resulting in a specialist expert opinion.
  • Reliable determination of the amount in dispute “possible to win” (including “repayment” or “retaliatory” deductions, compensation, contractual penalties, damages, security deposits, reductions, etc.).
  • Developing a line of attack or defence (a sequence of coherent and logical arguments, identification of strengths and weaknesses of the dispute).
  • Assessment of the cost of litigation in terms of financial and fiscal consequences.
  • Evaluation of the chances for a positive outcome of litigation and enforcement.
  • Legal representation in court and enforcement proceedings.

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