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Mass Debt Collection

Mass Debt Collection

We have many years of practice and extensive experience in handling a large number of debt collection cases against several debtors who are contracting with businesses operating throughout Poland. We use an advanced management and reporting IT system.

  • Effective collection of the principal and statutory interest.
  • Searching for debtors and determining their asset position.
  • Negotiations with debtors in an attempt to settle the matter amicably.
  • Assessment of the cost of litigation in terms of financial and fiscal consequences.
  • Evaluation of the chances for a positive outcome of litigation and enforcement.
  • Legal representation in court and enforcement proceedings.
  • Settlement of disputed amounts and possible bad debts from the financial and accounting point of view.
  • Reports on the progress of cases and their effectiveness, forecast collectability in a given industry, successful collection indicators in terms of amount, percentage and time.

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