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Mortgage loans in Swiss francs – class action

Our Law Firm also handles high-value litigation against big institutions and corporations such as banking institutions. We have many years of experience and a wide scope of competence in this area. For those who already have a CHF mortgage loan, a class action may turn out to be the only solution in this difficult situation.

Our offer covers a comprehensive analysis of the credit agreement signed by the Client as well as issues related to the conclusion and performance thereof. We also assess from the Client’s perspective whether filing a lawsuit will be profitable, taking into account the amount of the already paid instalments versus the loan value as at the credit agreement conclusion date. Also, the value of the loan in Polish zloty as at the loan granting date versus its current value in Polish zloty after the conversion from Swiss franc is of importance here and is also subject to analysis. A CHF mortgage loan may be challenged provided that certain premises are fulfilled and our experts will thoroughly verify whether loan denomination is possible in your individual case.

Each Client contacting our Law Firm is informed in detail about the litigation value and costs the Client will have to incur when filing a lawsuit. We will also assess the chances for winning in the case of filing a class action. Once the Client has accepted the presented conditions and necessary costs, the best banking law specialists will determine together with the Client the position in a lawsuit, i.e. the assets held and potential vulnerabilities.

We ensure professional representation in the lawsuit during court proceedings against a banking institution in all instances. The fee is determined at minimum costs of representation in the lawsuit, and when setting this amount, we take account of the Client’s individual financial standing.

Should the lawsuit be successful, we also charge a success fee in the form of percentage of the total value of the effectively challenged part of the credit liability.

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