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Our standards



We understand the importance of counselling and balanced legal analysis in Entrepreneurs’ decision process. To the extent permitted by law, we suggest a reasonable and the cheapest solution which brings the most benefits.

We do not make decisions directly; instead, we actively try to contribute to taking them. The creative nature of the Team’s work is combined with the lawyers’ specializations in specific areas..




Our work style is the essence of benefits between lawyer and Entrepreneur. We realize that the nature of our occupation requires direct contact. We try to discuss each problem, analysis or document in accessible terms comprehensible to a layman.




Each matter which is subject to the Client’s doubts remains within the scope of our interest and consultation. Staying ahead of expectations, we make the Client familiar with the complexities of law, so that they are furnished with the asset of surprise and awareness of legal support. We take the initiative by suggesting what documents and information will be required in the course of the case and what steps need to be taken before starting to act.




We do not work from behind the desk, we willingly “follow the Client” in the territory of the entire country. We provide our services also at the seats of companies, especially those which employ many specialists who require ongoing legal counselling. We know that time is the most valuable commodity. Realizing its value, we are prepared to patiently build the sphere of legal security of the Company and its business.




Legal advisors are insured against contractual liability and liability in tort for property and personal damage done in connection with practicing the profession. The basic insurance is three hundred fifty thousand zlotys. It is possible to conclude an additional insurance agreement above the amount of the basic insurance. The insurance covers legal and tax counselling of the legal advisor as well as the actions or omissions of the entire personnel of the Law Firm.


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