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Support for borrowers of loans in Swiss francs

Persons with a loan in Swiss francs may feel overwhelmed and deceived. After the change in exchange rates, the banking institutions shifted the responsibility for repayment of the much higher amount in full to the borrowers, without providing them with any support in resolving the situation. Borrowers, however, can count on effective help in enforcement of their rights. With our services we effectively support borrowers of loans in Swiss francs.

Thanks to the cooperation with many borrowers and preparation of a class action, we can win for our Clients the option to repay the loan at a fair value. In this way we minimize the losses suffered by bank clients. Cooperation of a large number of borrowers provides greater chance of solving the problem of CHF-denominated loans.

By way of collective proceedings in such cases we are able to effectively divide the costs of proceedings. This way we can offer effective support and assistance of the best lawyers. Assistance for borrowers of loans in Swiss francs reveals negligence of the bank and helps to enforce due compensation. It is worth remembering that banking institutions are required to inform clients about the risks associated with taking loan in foreign currency. When this obligation is not fulfilled, the bank bears some responsibility for additional client’s liabilities.

Therefore, when conducting our business, we try to penetrate into the details of the loan granting, which allows us to provide effective assistance.

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