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Cancellation of credit agreement

If you have a loan in Swiss francs, euro or any other foreign currency and you are dissatisfied with the fact that the bank calculates the instalment at the one-sided FX rate, don’t be passive and start to act. Our prestigious Law Firm will help you check whether credit agreement cancellation is possible in your case.

Even if the entire agreement cannot be cancelled, we will try to find abusive clauses that can be cancelled. When working with a Client, we take the initiative and precisely indicate the documents and information that will be necessary in the proceedings and the actions that need to be taken first.

We help both entrepreneurs repaying their investment loans and individual Clients contending with the problem of surging housing loans’ instalments. In our Law Firm your case will be handled by lawyers experienced in banking law, who will thoroughly verify whether cancellation of the credit agreement in a given case is reasonable and legitimate.

In our work we pay utmost attention to our Clients’ safety – all types of legal and tax advice are insured for high amounts, and we are also insured against liability in tort and contract.

It is worth trusting our competence and experience; we will help you to prepare a lawsuit against a banking institution and find abusive clauses the bank included in your credit agreement.

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